Who is this crazy woman?

Well my name is Jessica, Force is the last relation to John Force either!  I was born in Corning, New York many eons ago.  Lived in Florida most of my childhood until an unfortunate accident took my father's life and then ta-da I moved to Illinois with my mother.  Since then I grew up, gave birth twice, got married, got divorced, got a job I love, etc, etc.....I really have a pretty unique story if you want to know the truth and I would really love to write a book.  If only for my children and grandchildren to understand who I am and to know that no matter the situation, you can succeed. 

I live in Southern Illinois, it is pretty quiet and easy going here.  I often thought when I grew up I was going back to Florida but truth be told, I would much rather my children be raised here.  Florida is a great vacation but Southern Illinois is a completely different atmosphere.  Make sense?  Probably not.

As for my boys, I have Dayne, who is my quiet child.  He is a homebody and just really enjoys keeping to himself.  He is super smart.  He is my indoor child and enjoys reading, video games and going to the library.  Weird I know!  What kid wants to do that.

Then there is Jaxin, he is a ball of fire.  I guess I was spoiled with Dayne being so calm.  Not this child, he never stops!  NEVER!  He is so funny and smart.  He is definately most like me.  He even has my facial expressions and if you know me, you know I have many!  I can't explain the joy he brings me even though he wears his Mama out.

Other than that, I enjoy hanging out with friends when I can but if truth be told, I would pick doing something with my boys over going out any day.  There was a time I wouldn't have said that but thank heavens I have outgrown that and realize that my time with them is precious. 

I hope I gain some followers and maybe even friends because I would love nothing more!!!!

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