Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sharing is Caring

I don't know why I put the titles I put sometimes. However, I am often left heavy hearted when my son goes to his dads. Sharing your child is tough. I thought when we first separated that it would be a nice break when it was Daddys weekend.

Jaxin loving the bear at Castle Park
My Bubba and I being silly
Truth is, it is for the first night. Then I wake up on Saturday and my heart literally aches because I miss him so much. I honestly feel like I am depressed when he is gone. It is hard to describe but I am sure if you are in a similar situation you probably understand.

I should be clear that it isn't because I worry when he is with his Daddy because I know that he is in good hands. He has a good Daddy and he also visits his Gram and Papa when he is away and they too take good care of him. I am very lucky in that aspect.

I know many that have to worry a great deal when their child is at the other parents. I won't say I wasn't leery when we first separated about how he would take care of my baby because lets face it no one takes care of our babies like us Moms do.

I don't guess I have a point here but it was just weighing on my heart. I love that little monkey. Here he is playing in his sand and riding that crazy big wheel down to the skate park.  Heck, here are a few pick from the past few weeks.  I mean can you ever really have too many pictures??????

Hope you all are having a great week!

On top of the world
Diggin' time
A boy and his ducks
The bouncy house. Best purchase ever.
Hanging out at the camp site with Uncle Fro
So sweet and innocent - Boy at Work

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