Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Is That Normal?! {V. 5}

Well I liked this link up so much last week that I thought I would join in again.  I am apparently a day late....story of my life.


Is it normal to live with your parents past the age of 24?

No, not so much.  Of course if I had parents to live with and they were easy going and didn't give a hoot, I might consider it just to hoard all my money :)  But I don't, so I guess I should say to each their own.


Is it normal to leave your house and/or car unlocked?

Hell NO!  I am the one that says 15 times while walking in somewhere, Did you lock the car, I didn't hear the horn honk...and then I get the look of would you quit asking me that.  As far as leaving my house unlocked, NEVER!  I lock it when I am in there.  Paranoid much??? Maybe... 


Is it normal to prefer using a men's razor instead of a women's?

Honestly, I have never done that but I do have friends that prefer men's razors over women's.  Maybe I should give it a whirl.


Is it normal to go back to bed right after showering for a quick nap?

Not to me but I am always on the go and I have no time for naps although I wish I did.


Is it normal to eat chocolate chips straight from the bag?

Of course, same with raw cookie dough.  It just happens.


Is it normal to check behind the shower curtain or under the bed before you get in?

I have occasionally checked behind the shower curtain generally if I am at a hotel or something.  Not at my own house.  So I would say yes, it is fairly normal.


Is it normal to talk to yourself?

Everyday, all day.  It is just what I do and quite frankly, I tend to answer myself too.  Maybe not out loud but in my head ;)  So yes, it is normal. 


Is it normal to bite your nails?

Definitely not, but I do it.  Not all the time but I catch myself doing it if I am anxious.  Ugh bad habit #1.


Is it normal to go to bed without brushing your teeth?

Normal, no.  Have I done it? Absolutely!  Sometimes the only thing I want to do is crawl in my bed and pass out.  I don't care if I wash my face or brush my teeth when I am exhausted.  True story!


Is it normal to "baby talk" your pet?  

I don't think it is normal, but who doesn't do it?  I know I have some high pitched goofy voice that I talk to animals and babies with.  I would really hate to see myself in a video doing that.  Embarrassing :)

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