Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday's Letters


Hello FRIDAY!!!

Dear Last Friday's Letters, I don't know what happened but I do know I totally missed out on you.  Please forgive!

Dear Baby Torie, I love you as if you are my own.  You are so very special to so many people.  You have touched so many lives in your short year of life.  I pray every day they heal you.  Your Mommy and Daddy love you so much and I want nothing more for them then to see you healthy.

Dear Ungrateful People, you see this sweet baby girl above???  When you want to walk around and complain because you don't get enough time away from your kids, want to hire a Nanny so you can spend more time focusing on yourself (shopping, getting your nails done, etc.) you know things that in the end won't matter one iota, then you just remember that I have two wonderful people that spend every moment caring for a baby they didn't know until the day she was born was going to have more complications than any one person should have, just wishing that for one day she could be a "normal" baby.  Don't get me wrong, everyone deserves free time, I whole heartedly believe that but there are some that take it to the extreme.  If you plan to have kids, then have them, take care of them, I don't believe that someone else should have to take care of them for you.  They are such a precious gift.  Ugh off my soapbox ;)

 Dear Boy in the Underwear, I am sooooo proud that you have finally taken a notion to become potty trained.  Although we are not fully there, I have faith it won't be much longer.

Dear Girl with the Saddle Bags, need I say more?  Get rid of them already.

Dear New Hair, I am really loving you and the 3 inches we rid of, I don't miss at all.  Feels so good!

Dear Sam Adams, I really love you.  Summer Ale is very tasty!  Thank you =O

Dear Readers, sorry I am on picture overload.  I was unloading the ole instagram!  Also, I am sorry for my rant.  I promise to not do it again, oh well that is a complete lie, I will do it again.

Much Love - Jess


Amy said...

Stopping by from the link up! Great letters! Have a wonderful weekend! Stop by & say hi sometime! :)

Emily Hornburg said...

Hi from Friday's Letters! I just wanna say - I love that your blog is "May the Force Be With You."

Nicholl Vincent said...

She is so precious!

Happy Friday! Drop by and say hello!