Monday, August 6, 2012

It's A Wrap...The Weekend

Well our weekend was somewhat subtle.  A lot of indoor time as it was raining (thank heavens) and if it wasn't, it was hotter than blue blazes. 

Friday we just ran to Family Video and Dayne got a video game while Jax picked out not 1 but 3 Scooby movies.  He loves his Scooby.  We played Ants in the Pants, cars, built a million towers and bridges and got to bed at a decent time.  I love times like this because I feel like they are slowly getting few and far between.  My boys change so much all the time.  

Saturday we got up early with the intentions of hitting the fantastic farmer's market in Carbondale but about the time we headed that way the clouds came and then the rain.  I won't lie, I am glad it rained this area needs it in the worst way.  So we ran some errands and had breakfast at the famous Mary Lou's.  Jax loved it, we sat at the counter so of course in true fashion they had spinning stools and what more would a 3 year old love than to spin in circles.  Silly boy.  I hit up Hobby Lobby on the way out of Carbondale for some final pieces for Jax's new "fishing" room.  He loves it (pics soon...maybe ;))!  Have a few things I am waiting on and I am sure I will find other stuff along the way. 

We then decided to hit up Chuck E Cheese in Paducah that eve.  Fun times!  So proud that my boy is getting good at skeeball.  It is my fav!  Just a side note:  I am that Mom that will step in and take care of business if some other kid is acting a fool to my child.  I am pretty sure I could have gotten a standing ovation from the other parents that were not gutsy enough to stop these two boys that were stealing coins, terrorizing and taking all the balls out of the skeeball machines and putting them in one.  I swear I don't understand why people let their kids do that crap.  Those kids were all of 4 years old.  Their Mom was nowhere to be found and eventually resurfaced.  I don't think I need to even describe her appearance to you.  Nonetheless, we left there and went and ate at Texas Roadhouse.  Good stuff.

Sunday was the dreaded grocery store day.  I hit up Target and Kroger and then I was done for.  Jax and I took ourselves a lil nap before he had to go to Daddy's house.  After that Matt fixed a yummy dinner and Dayne and I played Monopoly, the card version.  Super confusing.    

So to you all, that may not be very exciting of a weekend but in my old age I have learned to appreciate everything, big or small.  Any time I have with them is good enough for me.  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend also. 


Sherry Reese said...

I love those kind of weekends! I hate when we are so busy and don't have time to play. I also enjoyed a lot of playtime with my kiddos this weekend and loved every minute...actually stayed in our pajamas for a lot of it too.

Mia @ The Chronicles of Chaos said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend! :) I loved Chuck E Cheese as a kid and can't wait to take my boys there once they're a little older. Good for you for stepping in to stop the other kids from being bullies! I found you through the Nice to Meet You Blog Hop, thanks for sharing!

PS, I love your blog design, owls are my fave! :)

Jessica said...

You are never too old for Chuck E Cheese :) At least that is my motto! I joined your blog also!

Jessica said...

Sorry I replied as a comment. Ugh, I must be asleep still.

Jessica said...

There is nothing better than PJ days!