Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I am a Mom, I can withstand anything....

I have been trying to sit my caboose down and write this for almost 2 weeks because during the scenario I am about to describe, all I could think was ONLY A MOM COULD DO THIS WITHOUT BLINKING AN EYE....

A couple of weeks ago on a Friday eve, I decided I would take my boys out for dinner at a local mexican restaurant, run to Hobby Lobby to pick one item up and then my oldest wanted to go by Chill, a frozen yogurt shop before we headed back home. 

Mind you, I was the only adult in the situation, Matt was gone fishing.  So we head off to eat dinner and typically Jaxin is my #1 eater.  The kid will eat anything and in mass quantities.  We order our food and he says he is "tired" which is typically code for I am going to be stubborn and not eat.  So I learned long ago that it is just best to say "Okay, just lay your head on my lap then and rest until you feel like eating".  He did just that and he laid there and laid there and I thought what on earth is going on.  So I asked if he had napped that day and he said yes but he was just really tired.  We quickly ate and then left. 

I proceeded to head over to Hobby Lobby, mid way there he says I don't feel good I need to go to bathroom.  Soooo we stop at McD and after getting in the bathroom, he decides, he doesn't need to go to the bathroom.  Ugh, so out we went and traveled on.  Again, he says he needs to go to the bathroom as we hit Hobby Lobby's parking lot.  My original intention was to run in alone while Dayne stayed in the car with Jaxin.  However, when you child says they need to go to the bathroom, you take them.  I carried him back to the bathroom (at the far end of the store of course).  He stood there and said I can't go.  Well crap!  I grab what I came for and left. 

Knowing that I already promised Dayne to go to Chill, I asked him if we could skip it and head home.  Of course he says no.  I was going to just send him in to get his yogurt but I didn't have any cash and I figured they wouldn't let him use my card, so we all pile in.  Jaxin doesn't want to walk, so I am holding him and I then decide I need some fro-yo too.  Red Velvet!  Who can turn that down.  So with Jaxin on my hip I attempt to hold this bowl and put my toppings on and all is going okay until.......he vomits everywhere and let me tell you what, he cleared the place out.  No lie, everyone including the workers went outside.  I thought I may die of humiliation.  However, my Mom instincts kick in and I am yelling at Dayne to go to the car and get the wipes.  I mean my feet, his feet, the counter, the floor, his clothes and my wallet were drenched.  Could.have.died!  So here I am yelling at Dayne, for no reason, I used a whole container of their napkins and a packet of wipes and only gagged once during this process.  That alone is a big deal because if you barf, I barf....that is how it goes with me typically.  However, I decided I had no choice but to suck it up and clean the mess up.  I mean I could have left and they could have cleaned up the mess with what appeared to have whole grapes in it.  I couldn't do that to them.  Finally one of the workers came back in and gave me a trash bag to put all the napkins and what not in.  Poor Jaxin just stood there white as a ghost and not moving.  Needless to say, my red velvet fro-yo wasn't that appetizing afterwards.  I felt horrible for Jaxin and for all the people sitting there trying to enjoy their treat. 

We loaded back in the car and I covered Jaxin with his blanket in case he barfed again.  Luckily, that was the only time he vomited but he did run a fever of 102 and was down for a couple of days.  I had to get a new wallet and ride with my windows down in my car for a few days because it is all I could smell. 

I just laugh now because I think to myself of how I would have reacted if I was a bystander and didn't have children to understand the situation.  I was that person at some point in my life, I am sure of it. 

So yes, I believe Moms can most definitely be considered super heroes!  We can deal with just about anything and not even flinch. 

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momFITtingitallin said...

Only a mom!! That is for sure.