Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's A Wrap {NashVegas Style}

Hey Y'all....

Okay, I don't actually talk that way but after spending the weekend in Nashville, Tennessee, you tend to start talking very southern. HA!  At one point I looked at Matt and said do I have a southern accent suddenly or am I imagining things.  He agreed, you can't help but talk like that after hearing it all day.


Friday, we stayed in and had pizza with Dayne as we had planned to leave early Saturday morning.

Saturday, we headed off the big Nashville, Tennessee Flea Market.  I am not kidding, it is huge.  It is held at the fairgrounds there.  It took us 6 hours to go through and that is pretty well speed walking.  You most definitely could spend 2 days and a lot of money there.  I wanted so much stuff but we took my car and there isn't much I could bring back that I really hiss!  I picked up a couple of things for decor and an old chair for outside to put my mum in.  All in all, the weather was immaculate and the time away was much needed. 

After leaving the flea market we checked into our hotel and although I really wanted a power nap, we got ready, called a taxi and headed downtown.  Downtown Nashville is one of my favorite places.  Technically Tennessee is pretty well my favorite state to visit.  There was a huge concert/bbq event on the river by The Zac Brown Band so you can imagine the place was packed.  There was also a women's half marathon going on we were told.  That would probably explain why I couldn't get a darn room downtown. 

(Yes, this is the same picture but I tend to lean towards b/w photos more than colored)

We ate a nice little dinner and then walked around and visited the local watering holes ;)  We had a great time.  Headed back to hotel around 1 a.m., so we didn't stay out too late. 

Sunday, we got up and hit the road.  We did stop at The Longhorn Restaurant for lunch.  I had never been and it was fantastic. 

Great weekend, good food, fantastic weather and as much needed get away.  I really couldn't ask for more!!

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