Thursday, December 6, 2012

I Am Alive

I don't know why on earth I feel as though I have done something wrong being gone from the blog scene.  Don't worry, I have been reading every ones blogs but just not posting to mine.  Everyone know this is not only the most wonderful time of the year, but the busiest.  Not just at home, but at work for me.  Our fiscal year ends November 30th and what does that mean?  CRAM!  So many things to wrap up and I would love to say it was all present wrapping.

Nonetheless, now that you all know I have been busy and am still alive, I just wanted to say a few things I am wanting for Christmas and a few things the boys are getting for Christmas via Santa.

I read a lot of blogs that have traditional presents.  Not that I don't like that idea but I guess I want to give them all that I didn't receive in my childhood and so I splurge on my boys.  I don't buy them stuff all the time but I do typically find myself buying for me, not for them.  As in things for them.  I rarely buy things for me without feeling guilty.  I am sure most moms are like that. 

Now then for my big boy Dayne, he has asked for the Wii U and yes, Santa got it as soon as it hit the shelves.  That is his big gift.  He will have plenty smaller gifts but until that boy stops wishing for $300+ ticket items every year, his gifts are limited.

As for my Bubba a/k/a Jaxin, he really hasn't asked for anything.  Wait, wait back up, he told Santa he wanted a skateboard.  Now, do you get him one?  I am debating about this.  I mean he is a tad too young for one I think.  Seriously, do you always get what they ask Santa for?  Assuming it is realistic.  I did however get him this fabulous Clubhouse.  He is going to be so excited.  I also got him a Cozy Coupe.  I know, you may think he is too big for one but he loves those things.  So those are his big gifts. 

I'd like to think they are pretty reasonable and practical for their ages. 

As for me, I asked for a Keurig which I already received.  Yes, I am already using it as of this week. 

I want a plain silver watch.  No sparkles, patterns, etc.  I just want a plain one I can wear with my hoodies and what not.  I know, I am odd. 

I also need a new robe but I am having a hard time locating the perfect one.  Not too hot, not too cold.  You know the drill. 

Other than that, there is this fantastic little store called the The Rabbit Patch Cottage that I said I would love a gift certificate to. 

Oh and I told Jaxin that all I wanted for Christmas was for him to cooperate for our Christmas pictures tonight.  We will see how that turns out.

I guess that about sums it up.  I would like to hear what you have to say about the Santa question I had and what kind of great things you want from Santa this year ;)

Have a great rest of the week.

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