Friday, March 1, 2013

Fab Fridays

Thought I would join in on this link up again.  It is nice to take a moment and reflect on the good of the past week.
- We had a great night last night at Scooby Doo Live!
- All the work on my house is finally done and it looks so good.  I will post about that later when this insane weather breaks and I can get semi decent pics.
- Tomorrow evening we are taking the boys to see the Monster Trucks.  That should be a good time for all!
- I scored an awesome piece at Kirklands and after I posted it on Instagram, Kirklands liked it ;)  I thought that was neat.  Don't you love it?  If so, click here.
I am sure I could keep going but no need to bore anyone :)  Have a great weekend.

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Jennifer McCarroll said...

Oh wow, your blog is so pretty! *packs my bags and moves to live in your blog design* I'm very neat and I promise not to make too much of a mess. (I'm lying. I'm a total slob and a sloth and I'm going to loaf about and eat all of your potato chips. But you love me so it's cool.)