Monday, May 21, 2012

15 Things I Will Never Apologize For

Due to Shape magazine and the article on Miranda Lambert, I am going to post my 15 Things I Will Never Apologize For.  I like that she is a real woman.  She has curves, she likes a drink, she likes to have fun, etc.  I do NOT like fakeness, I will guarantee you that you will never get the idea that I am fake because I am every bit REAL!!! 

So without further ado, here are my 15 things that I won't apologize for....

1.  That I love my children so much it hurts.
2.  I would literally fight for those I love.
3.  I put my children first when it comes to my own personal care and/or socializing.  Meaning I would rather spend time with them then in the gym or going out. 
4.  I will always have meat on my bones. 
5.  I love food, Mexican mainly.
6.  My significant other is younger than me.
7.  My parenting choices.
8.  Getting married.
9.  Getting divorced.
10.  Having a hysterectomy.
11.  That I still grieve my Daddy on the anniversary of his death.
12.  That I love watching Scooby Doo with my baby on a daily basis.
13.  That I always have my phone on silent and I may or may not call someone back because I just don't feel like talking.
14.  Spending more money than needed when I take my boys on a trip whether it is a mini trip or a long vacation.  The smiles on their faces are worth every penny!
15.  That I subscribe and read Shape magazine but the only shape I am is round ;)

What are 15 things that you wouldn't apologize for?

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