Thursday, May 24, 2012

My First Time.....

Well I am sure you will be disappointed to know I am not going to let you in on any sexual activities.  However, I am talking about the first time I stenciled.  I am only bringing this up because that lil project of mine has been a nightmare for me.  I am super psycho when I do something.  I like to overdo or dwell on if I chose the right color, design, etc.  If I like it, does it really matter?  Nope, didn't think so. 

So anyway, back about 6 months ago when it was cold and I had nothing better to do, I decided after much blog stalking, that I was going to pick a small area and try this stenciling thing.  I have a powder room if you will right when you come in my house from the garage.  It is a cute little room but I was debating on whether I should repaint it or leave it be.  It is a grey color which I like and I have a tendency to accent in blues so it was working out well but I thought what better room to try stenciling.  After all, if I didn't love it, I would just repaint it.  So I picked a whimsy little design for a stencil and to town I went.  I must say I really do like it.  I stenciled with a plain ole white color. 

You tell me, is it cute or not?  I don't mind criticism honestly!  I love to do projects, but I just hate to a. waste money and b. have to redo something if I don't like it.

Yes, I wish I had an awesome camera like the rest of you bloggers, but I just don't have that on my priority list right now.  Plus this space is SMALL and trying to get a full shot was nearly impossible I am pretty well sitting on the sink as it is.

I think it is cute, clean and simple.
That is it folks!  As soon as I find a piece of furniture and decide what to hang on the wall, I will post the ending to my previous post.  It could be awhile because I cannot find anything worth buying. UGH!!!

Have an awesome Thursday and enjoy your long weekend.

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