Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Day From.....

Ah yes you guessed it! That four letter word. I mean I've never been there and I hope I never do but it is just what you say when your day has been simply frustrating.
I don't know that I can pin point any one thing. Maybe my 3 year old who has decided temper tantrums or whining is so fun. Maybe it is being annoyed by customer service. Maybe a letter from an investment dealy I use telling me they need my ex to sign off on something. WTH? It is not nor has it ever been his account.
However, I can guarentee you that when I wake up tomorrow most of what has frustrated me today will no longer exist because that's just the way life is. So I am trying my best to not let any of the above make me "snap". It is hard to do but I really try to just breath and say keep calm and carry on. 
Sound familiar?
Maybe I should become a crier. Is that a word? Looks funny. Anyway, maybe that would help me release some frustration.
Speaking of frustration that lil project I am working on from the previous post is driving me bananas. I got the paint finished. I loved it til it was all up then I decided it was too bright so I thought maybe ill stencil the main wall. Did I mention I'm a perfectionist? The wall is not level I swear so needless to say I quit for the day. Must come back later so I don't freak out totally!  I will update soon!
Have a good evening!

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