Monday, June 18, 2012

Pink Lemonade Cake

First let me say two things 1. I barely cook let alone bake 2. I very rarely eat sweets. True story.
I just so happen to see this scrumditalyumptious (yes I made that up) cake on the cover of BHG and thought damn I wish someone would make that beautiful thing for me. 

I am by far lucky that I don't crave sweets often if ever. I do like to sample cakes if they are fruity in flavor however. Chocolate flavored cakes make me wanna gag and honestly the icing usually gets scrapped off cake before I eat it. Haha looks like I shouldn't even bother huh??

Nonetheless, I was wandering the aisles of WM and what did I see Pink Lemonade cake mix and icing.

I thought I'm no Betty Crocker but I am willing to mix 3 ingrediants together and see how things turn out. Well they turned out deliciously. I always thought strawberry cake would be my #1 but now I would say this one takes the "cake".  Sorry for adding two pics but who can resist that cute little doughboy.
That is what I meant to mention earlier but I forgot. Oops! Now I have a sweet boy wanting me to read him a story so good evening all!

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