Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Scored Again!

I am sure you have probably heard me mention before in one of my many blab sessions.  I am slightly obsessed with ordering from this site.  I have yet to be let down by the products I have received.  No lie!  Great prices, great quality and they always put a Laffy Taffy in the package which is my all time favorite candy.  How did they know??

So today I received my latest purchase and I am in love with it.  So adorable!  Now if I could just be more creative.  I think it may have just gave me inspiration for Jaxin's 4th birthday party.  I can totally see a circus/mustache theme going.  I  have a thing for those little mustache party favors.  Too cute.  Completely opposite of how I feel about real life mustaches.  Me no likey!

Oops sorry there I go rambling again....I looked on the packages and found the website to the actual company (SCORE!).  I am going to have to stay off there also or go broke.  Such great stuff for all types of occassions.  Fabric, digital downloads and more.  Plus if you are a big scrapbooker, this is probably the mother load of scrapbooking items.  You can see more at or 

Anyway, I just wanted to give a little shout out to Pick Your Plum for yet another awesome purchase.  If you haven't liked them on FB, joined their email listing, etc., you should so you too can receive their great deals.

I am not being compensated for this post, I am simply giving you all the opportunity to find great items too!  I love to share!

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