Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear Friday's Letters :  I am sorry for missing out on you the past couple times.  Life has just been busy but here I am again.
Dear Babies:  I just want to say that everyone of you are winners in my book.  Judging a baby contest is tough work and to have to only pick two breaks my heart.  So I am sorry for those of you that didn't get a "trophy".  You are all beautiful in your own way.
Dear Goals:  Glad to see I am making progress in meeting some of you.  Maybe not all but some is better than none.
Dear Headache:  You are welcome to leave at any time, I have no need for you.
Dear Fall:  Where are you????  I know the first day of fall isn't until the 22nd but seriously holding on putting up my fall decor is killing me!
Dear Gyro:  Matt says he will get me one of you since I didn't get my chance at the fair.  Yum!!!
Dear Money Tree:  If you could give me your exact coordinates, I would greatly appreciate it.
Dear Fall Bucket List:  How cute are you?  I hope to check every little item off of you.
I hope you have had a great weekend!!!!  Happy almost fall everyone!!!! 


SimplyHeather said...

Lol, I'm excited to put up my fall decor as well!! Only a few more days, girl!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I'm a new follower by the way, can't wait to read more!

Julie said...

Awesome idea with the fall bucket list. Totally copied it!