Thursday, September 6, 2012

Once Upon A Fair


We rode rides, played a few games, ate junk food and ran through the rain.

I can't tell you how much fun we had even through the storm.  We braved it under a tent for about 20 minutes before deciding we just had to make a run for it and get to the car.  I couldn't see it was raining so hard and beating straight into my eyes.  My contacts were burning like no other and I had on flip flops. 

However, we made it out and can now laugh about it.  I rode home drenched from head to toe and not to mention in wet clothing which makes me cringe.  The guys all took their shirts off, so here I am in a car with three shirtless guys.  Funny stuff!

We only had one mishap and that was when Jaxin decided he was going to get on that tall slide with Dayne.  Well, that didn't turn out so good.  He ended up flipping over into the other slide where Dayne was and had rug burn or I should say burlap sack burn on his arm.  Poor guy.  So he was upset for about 30 minutes and then he was back to having fun.  I tried to warn him but you sometimes have to let them learn on their own.

Here is the dreaded slide.  At the start.

At the end.  He was actually crying but you can't tell.

This one just cracks me up.  He actually rode every ride they had for kids his age.  He loved it!

Please don't mind the way he is dressed, if you know anything about the DuQuoin Fair, then you know it is a muddy mess all the time.  Therefore, we dressed the part.

Even big brother was kind enough to ride along with Jax on the rides he was too short for.

He won himself a ball at this game, which in turn blew halfway down the fairway because the wind was blowing.  Matt chased it down.

I think this ride has been around since Jesus was a small child.  Made me a little nervous.

And now I present you the best part of Jaxin's day.....the heavy equipment section.  You have no idea how infatuated this boy is with machinery.  You should have heard him talking to the CAT salesman.  He had them wrapped around his finger.

Notice the dark sky...Welcome Isaac.

And last but not least, Jaxin managed to get Matt to pay for the two of them to go in and see the white tigers.

I hope you all enjoyed our day at the fair.  Until next year....


momFITtingitallin said...

WOW tigers at your fair?? NO way!!!

We just went to our local fair this past weekend too!

Looks like a blast


Ashleigh Nichole said...

It sounds like you all had a blast minus the one little accident with his arm :)

Jessica said...

Oh yes, Tigers....they had many animals actually. However, we didn't visit a ton as you pretty well had to pay every time. We did have a blast girls! I am a big kid at times!