Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's A Wrap {The Weekend}

Well I didn't make it on here to post on Monday but hey, Tuesday is just as good. 

Friday - After Jax left with his Daddy, I met Matt and we went to pick up dinner at McAlister's (awesome, awesome food) because there was a hellacious storm blowing in and there was no reason to even consider getting out in that mess.  We went home, the three of us ate.  I went to change into my comfy clothes and with one foot about to go in the hole of my shorts, the power went off.  So we sat in the dark awhile and finally decided to light candles.  Isn't it so amazing how lost you feel without power?  I swear it was like we had no clue what to do.  I decided after an hour went by that I was just going to bed.  The only problem is I require a fan to sleep and that wasn't going to be happening so I opened my bedroom window and off to la-la land I went.  Actually slept pretty well but storms make me sleep good.  I think the power was out for about 4 hours if I am remember correctly.  No major damage at my house but there were places with damage around my area. 

On a side note:  If you have a McAlister's Deli, you must try their Italian Chopped Salad.  I could most certainly eat it all week.  However, it is not so low on the calories....yikes!

Saturday - I like to call this the day of eating.  I feel like all we did all day was eat.  Senselessly too!

We decided to go out and find some garage sales early this morning.  Only found a couple and didn't find one thing to buy.  So sad!  Dayne even had fun looking through stuff.  After that we headed over to a nursery to find some trees for my back yard.  Also to look at stone/block for my fire pit Matt is going to build me.  Happy girl! 

I then drug my chubby ass to The Buckle and bought some new jeans because the fact is, I am not even going to depress myself by trying to fit in last years jeans.  Plus I have a horrible jean habit.  I won't pay high dollar for anything but my jeans.  I have no earthly idea why I am like this but it is true.  However, if you are a jeanaholic like myself, The Buckle carries a brand called DAYTRIP that is fantastic and about $20 less than the actual BKE brand.  Still a hardcore BKE lover thought.  I did end up getting some pretty awesome jeans for about $49. 

We then drove back to go over to the Free Fair but little did we know the carnival part doesn't start til 4 and it is only 11.  So, no corn dog for Matt again.  Boo Hiss, Boo Hiss!

No worries, we decided to pop over to this little hidden gem of Southern Illinois.  Okay, maybe it isn't hidden but it is called Walker's Bluff.  You can read about it HERE.  They have such a beautiful set up.  It is nearly breath taking.  We stopped at their General Store and grabbed a bite.  I finally got my gyro ;) and then we headed down to the actual winery and had a glass of wine.  Matt and Dayne played on their life size chess board and I just relaxed enjoying the breeze and of course the glass of wine. 

After that we went to the house and Matt and I laughed and said we were going to go lay in the hammock and take and a nap.  We actually did fall asleep.  It was relaxing.  We then got ready and met up with some friends for dinner and drinks.  Oh and a late night Steak N Shake run.  Gag!

Great day and night all together!

Sunday - Not a whole lot happened on Sunday.  I did the usual grocery shopping and swung by Kirklands and TJMaxx .  Matt had errands and then we went to his Mom's for dinner.  She fixed meatloaf and cheesy potatoes.  I swear I consumed a million calories this weekend.  

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and were able to get out and enjoy the weather.

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