Friday, February 8, 2013

It's Friday and I am COLD!!!

Welcome again dearest Friday.  What a crazy week it has been.  Not only did they begin the wiring on my house, the deck is built and the windows are in.  Wowzers!!  I have done an excellent job of not freaking out about the constant mess during the day.  When I get home, they have done a very nice job of cleaning up for the most part.....they are men and we all know how that works.

I need to take some pics to post but I guess I should just wait until they are finished now.  Today I left them Italian Beef for lunch.  Yes, I can be nice sometimes.  Only sometimes.  They were pretty thrilled when they got there this morning and I told them. 

Other than all this, it has been a very uneventful week.  I am just so happy that tomorrow Matt and I actually get to hang out....ALONE!!!  We are taking off to STL for a boat show.  I know, probably not the most exciting way to spend the day but I know he loves it.  I am hoping to stop off at The Wooden Ladder.  Fingers crossed.

We are in full birthday party planning mode.  I have most everything ordered for the circus party :)  I scored some stuff at Hobby Lobby for a great price too.  Can't wait to see it all come together.  I am attempting to do this at my house so I hope all the work is done by then.  I also hope the weather is nice enough to be outside.  I even made a board of Pinterest.  Isn't that how we organize things these days?

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Until next time, have a great weekend!

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