Monday, July 23, 2012

Remember that space....

UPDATE:  I put semi-better pics up so disregard the poor quality pic comment.

Again I apologize for my poor quality of photos with my phone. You cannot see the true color of the walls. Boo hiss!

Anyway, after much procrastinating or better yet just not finding anything I like to go with this space, this is what I ended up with. Boring? Maybe!? I just don't know.

As I stated in the original post, it is just dead space. There is zero purpose to it. I mean of course it could be functional to some degree but right now it is just hanging out.

I am not thrilled with the canvas print just hanging out alone but what else do I do? I may use it elsewhere and if someone would give me a brilliantly cool idea for that area, I wouldn't object. Please?!?!

I am open to suggestions =) Happy Monday!

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Sherry Reese said...

Personally, I think "photo walls" are great ways to attract attention to unused spaces so your idea isn't a bad one. I like the "Tiffany-esque" blue too! Of course, I am not much of a decorator...I just do what feels comfortable to me. :-)